Certificate in 2D Animation

Certificate in 2D Animation


The first step of animating a particular image is known as 2D animation. This one of the most interesting fields as well as one of the highly paid profession with a very high demand all over the world. Did you know that you can be a 2D animator even though you are not so good in drawing?

Course Details

Your most favorite movies such as lion king, the Simpsons, Mulan, Tarzan, Hercules, the jungle book are created by using the magical touch of 2D animation.  

2d animation occurs when we combine different pictures of different heights and widths together, which creates an illusion of movement in a two-dimensional world without any depth

you’ll benefit from common modules within the wider animation programme, gaining valuable knowledge of the digital media industry. You’ll study alongside peers on comics and concept art, games, 3D animation and visual effects, expanding your network from day one. We’ll teach you the fundamental principles of 2D animation. You’ll spend time story-boarding and perfecting your technique. Together we’ll explore digital illustration techniques. You’ll practice life drawing, designing characters and environments. You’ll research animation and film history to bring cultural context to your craft

You’ll be assessed on group and individual project work. We’ll ask you to submit portfolio submissions, sketches, storyboards, 2D animations and presentations. Plus, you’ll develop your analytical thinking, critical curiosity and easy writing skills.


  • Anime studio pro 
  • 2D Animation In depth 
  • 2D Illustration and development 
  • Character Rigging 
  • Character Animation 
  • Scene setup 
  • Special Effects 
  • Rendering 
  • Post-Production

Entry requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years old when you enroll.
  • Possessing a computer