Certificate in Microsoft Office

Certificate in Microsoft Office


Microsoft office is known to be one of the most used software packages in the world for personal and professional use.

Course Details

Microsoft Office is a suite consisting MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access, that is specifically designed by Microsoft for business use as well as to manage day today activities effectively.  
MS word is commonly used in order to type a simple letter, e mail marketing newsletters, business plans, flyers etc. 

MS excel is considered as one of the most powerful spreadsheets existing in today’s world. This magnificent software can be used not only for personal use but also for business use. Calculations, creating reports, analyze data, accounting, calendar, forecasting are some of the most useful key features. 

MS PowerPoint is a well-known software for creating high quality presentations. This is widely used for educational and business purposes. 

MS access is an information management tool or rational database that helps you in store information for reference reporting and analysis. This can also be used to make personal and business front ends, web applications etc. 
By following this course you will be able to educate yourself in all the above mentioned aspects in MS Office.


  • Microsoft Word
    • Home Ribbon
      • Creating a new word document
      • Opening an existing document
      • Editing and Saving a document
      • Typing a text, delete, find, copy and paste
      • Justifying texts
      • Text settings
      • Bullet and Numbering
      • line spacing, Shading, Border, Styles
    • Insert Ribbon
      • Inserting Shape and Formatting
      • Inserting picture and Formatting
      • Inserting Clip Art and Formatting
      • Smart Art and Formatting
      • Clip Art and Formatting
      • Table and Settings
      • Hyperlink
      • Header and Footer
      • Page numbering
      • Text Box, Word art, Drop cap
      • Symbol
    • Page Layout Ribbon
      • Ruler and Tab setting / Indents
      • Margin / Orientation / Page Size
      • Columns / Breaks
      • Watermark
      • Page Color / Page Border
    • Other
      • Mail Merge
      • Print option
      • Spelling and grammar
      • Table of Contents, Table of Figures
      • Cross reference

  • Microsoft Excel
    • Introduction to Excel
    • Introduction to Cell and Sheet
    • Creating a new worksheet
    • Opening an existing worksheet
    • Editing and Saving a worksheet
    • Introduction to Cell Address
    • Introduction to Formula bar
    • worksheets (Creating, Renaming, Deleting, Duplicate)
    • Manipulation of a cell, row and column
    • Justifying in a cell, Merging cells and columns
    • Wrap Text, Text Orientation
    • Auto Fill
    • Page layout
    • Print option
    • Basic Calculation
    • Types of data
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Table and cell Style
    • Basic Formula
    • Introduction to Statement
    • If, Sumif, sumifs, Countif and Countifs function
    • Left, Right, Mid, PMT function
    • V Lookup
    • Data Validation

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Introduction to presentation
    • New Slide, Duplicate Slide, Delete Slide
    • Layout
    • Theme
    • Background Style
    • How to play slideshow
    • Page Setup
    • Hyperlink and Action
    • Movies and Sound
    • Transitions
    • Custom Animation
    • Effects / Effects Options
    • Timing
    • Save Options

  • Microsoft Access
    • Introduction 
    • Database introduction
    • Table
    • Data Types
    • Query
    • SQL Syntax
    • SQL Select Statement
    • SQL WHERE Clause
    • The SQL AND, OR and NOT Operator
    • SQL ORDER BY Keyword
    • SQL GROUP BY Keyword
    • SQL INSERT INTO Statement
    • SQL UPDATE Statement
    • SQL DELETE Statement
    • SQL Select function
    • SQL Wildcards

Entry requirements

You must be at least 16 years old when you enroll.
Possessing a computer