Certificate in Native Android Mobile App Development

Certificate in Native Android Mobile App Development

By Saminda Kotinkaduwa

In today's fast paced world all sorts of apps play a vital role in the commercialized society. Mobile app development is one of the most popular source of income in the world of technology.

Course Details

This course is designed for students who are extreme beginners thus Every part of this course will be taught from beginner level. This course will be the foundation of your mobile app development career. This course includes many live project designing & coding which will cover all learning sections of the course. you will be designing more than 14 apps, level basic to almost advance projects with the lecture at the class time.
  • Every topic is paired with a sample practical project.
  • Projects will be done live in the class room with the lecture.
  • Student will be designing basic nongraphical games.
  • Students will learn how to access device camera, GPS and few other important hardware.


  • Introduction to mobile app development
  • Introduction to Android Studio
  • Android Studio download, installation and initial setup
  • Android studio basic walkthrough
  • Creating new projects
  • Detailed introduction to Android Studio tools
  • Introduction to basic UI components
  • UI designing basics and guidelines
  • System planning and designing basics
  • Mobile app planning & process planning
  • UI planning and designing
  • Layout Styling and themes
  • Creating your first Android app
  • Introduction to Activity and Layout files
  • Introduction to Android Emulator
  • Connecting Android studio with a physical device
  • Running apps in emulator and physical device
  • Basic object oriented programming concepts
  • Programming for beginners
  • Basics of KOTLIN programming language
  • Simple programming practical sessions with KOTLIN
  • Coding in Android Studio
  • Writing code for basic functions
  • Introduction to Android Manifest file
  • Introduction to Gradle file
  • Android assets
  • Android app permission handling
  • Accessing device hardware controlling
  • Android Storage, Broadcast Receivers & Services
  • Database basics
  • Database designing basics
  • Database in Android ( Room Database )
  • Exception handling 
  • Basics of KOTLIN Coroutines
  • Cryptography ( Encryption / Decryption )

Entry requirements

  • 64bit Windows computer preferably windows 10 or 11. But previous versions also accepted
  • Possessing a computer or Laptop with RAM 4Gb or preferably 8Gb
  • Possessing a computer or Laptop with 20Gb free hard disk space
  • Android mobile phone with android version 8 or above
  • USB cable to connect Android phone to computer
  • You must be at least 16 years old when you enroll.
  • Possess basic computer literacy